I give here myself to you, the reader.

Stories catelogued removing elements of randomness.


During my 10 years, 10 weeks and 10 days in Alaska (1995 to 2005), I collected stories and photos. Some shared here, now.


I spent 18 months as a civilian member of a military unit. November of 2005, we flew into Kuwait. Then flew into Iraq in December 2005. The next 11 months, I walked outside in metro-Baghdad building communications infrastructure with a small platoon. As time ticks, a few stories collected in Iraq have been published here on this site.

New England

New England is home, always has been. Stories of home reside in New England.

Blog Posts

The distinction between short stories and the journal entries organized above and the posts on the blog may be small. They are stories. Progressively, now that I am home and fat, food is featured in many.