Ten years in Alaska resulted in a few stories and a few friends. The image above shows the peak of Denali (Mt McKinley) floating above the horizon. The mountain sat 238 miles north of our home. The house overlooked the Knik Arm. A thousand feet below us was the Birchwood airport and a local shooting range. To the south, Fort Richardson.

Magpie’s Dance

The Magpie’s Dance is a tribute poem to a cherished friend written two years before he died. The notes on the original file tell me I wrote this bit in 1998. He moved back to New England some time around then. The Face of Raven

Face of Raven

The Face of Raven came about after a horrible trip with a once-upon-a-time boss. He was a piece of work.

The Big Guy

Moving to Alaska in March of 1996, I drove from Wisconsin. Along the way, met The Big Guy a trucker on the CB radio. A friendship that lasted a day, one pleasent meal and a story of a life.