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About Me I live in rural New England. I returned after 20+ years of life else-where: Midwest, Alaska and a few all-expense paid trips Europe, pacific rim, and north Africa.

Six Pines

In my 1973 U.K. edition of “Winnie-the-Pooh” by A.A. Milne, Christopher Robin drew a map (Mr Shepard helpd). This map is not in my U.S. edition of “The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh”, nor my 1956 edition of “The House at Pooh Corner”.

The map, we may presume, is of the world. At the Alaska house, our property included a stand of 6 pine trees. This patch we promptly named the “100 Aker Wood”.

Returning to New England, we purchased a property that measured 100 acres. What to call that? Six Pines. I have not yet found the Bee Tree. I do know where the Woozle wasn’t. The Floody Place and Gloomy Place are easily found. Our streams run a similar course. The Piknicks are nice any place we want.

“The House at Pooh Corner” edition is signed by my parents. I’d always thought it a gift to me. Reading now, the gift was from one to the other a year before they were married, two and a half years before I was born.


Except where explicitly noted, all photographs have been taken by me. The image below is the side yard at the Alaska house with the stand of six pine trees (The “100 Aker Wood”).

Six Pines